Get The Very Best Water

Fresh tasty drinking water, like spring water straight from the tap

dabv-clean-drinking water

Purify your water with DabV technology

Smart technology of Norwegian origin

100% energy and environmentally friendly

Works without power, battery or filter

The DabV units are completely maintenance-free

The devices are mobile and easy to move

dabv-clean-drinking water

"After my family and I started with DabV on the water, we have noticed an incredible difference. It is cleaner, clearer and tastes very good. I think it reminds me of mountain water. I notice it very well when I am out exercising .. I refill the bottles at home, but after a couple of hours on the bike I have to stop by a place to refill. Then I feel that water without DabV treatment tastes heavy and strange. This is something my family and I can recommend to everyone, not just athletes. ”

Joakim, December 2017

«Had the water treatment plant DabV installed at the end of October 2017. Has experienced a major change in the water quality here in the house. Now has a fresh and good water in the tap. Trulte, our cat drank significantly more water. I have to refill several times a day. Notice and big difference in sink and toilet. The water is clear, and it stays much cleaner, and in the shower as well. But what I (me) am most positively surprised by is the good water that we can drink every day. Absolutely great! This is a great investment that we will not hesitate to make. To see how well Trulte likes it, say most things. It is not possible to fool the animals. I highly recommend this. "

Borgny & Co, Bokn 2018

«I had DabV installed with me 11/17. The first thing I saw was that the washing machine door has much less white coating after washing. The machine gets cleaner for every laundry due to DabV. The taste of the water is fresh and good to drink. When I come to work and drink the water there, it tastes flat. There is such a big difference that I now take DabV water with me to work.

Solfrid, Austrått, January 2018

Norwegian invention

Innovative new technology that works


No plumber needed,
simply attach to the outside of the water pipe with strips or hose clamp


The units are delivered with 10 years
factory warranty.


E. Coli, Coliforms &
Intestinal Enterococci

We can not live without

The many vital functions of water

Drink a lot more water now

The animals prefer it

Easier cleaning

Reminiscent of mountain water

The flowers thrive better

For those who have orders to supply clean water:

UV radiation OR DabV treatment?

The use of DabV devices can be compared to ultraviolet (UV) radiation of the water, which is one of the barriers used to purify water today.

However, UV systems have a significant cost. In comparison, a DabV unit located on the intake from a water source (for example a well with water collected from the roof of the cabin) will have a low cost rather than a complicated UV system.

Secure verified method

Get rid of harmful bacteria

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