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The retired water enthusiasts

Rune Nilsen
General manager of Det aller beste Vann A / S

The retired water enthusiasts

%22Backyard cat%22 in search of health

Rune Nilsen, raised as a backyard cat in Greenland in Drammen. He characterizes himself as: %22A well-grown man from the last century!%22 A %22street-smart%22 backyard cat… who has seen a winter night! But he is a man who is very upbeat and on good terms with the times now! Rune has an exciting and versatile background: Telemontor the first years of work, then measurement technician, on to service engineer, project engineer, product manager in Schneider Electric, and now as general manager in Det Aller Beste Vann A / S. He has a good relationship with both practical and technical things. Good talking clothes! Inspiring personality! Knowledgeable!
Feel free to get in touch for a water chat.

Mobile: (+47) 948 32 830

Siren Nilsen
The very best Vann A / S


Siren Nilsen is a trained nurse and teacher. She charms most people with her warm smile and kindness. With more than 30 years behind her in the Norwegian health care system, she has extensive experience of treating people. Among other things, she has worked with the mentally handicapped, with dementia, refugees and young people with substance abuse problems. For a period, she worked in home nursing and she has also taught health subjects, among other things. After an ugly fall at work, she had a traumatic time lying in bed. This led to the search for new, effective aids. Over a period of several years, she has built up a versatile competence in various health approaches. For the past 15-16 years, she has worked actively with preventive, natural health together with her husband Rune Nilsen.

Mobile: (+47) 958 44 312

Siren Nilsen
The very best Vann A / S

Roger Kilaas
Marketing manager at Det aller beste Vann A / S

Gentle and pleasant Trønder with a long career in sales / marketing. Educated Market Economist with a typical entrepreneurial spirit, who has helped build some companies before.

Mobile: (+47) 468 94 747

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