About Water

As important as the air we breathe

Is the vital water as clean as you think?

Water is as important to us as the air we breathe. We love beautiful beaches, rivers and lakes and not least fresh waterfalls. Water plays a vital role in our lives. In Norway, we have good access to water since we are surrounded by water on all sides. We have one of the world’s highest water consumption per capita. Every day we use somewhere between 150 and 230 liters of water for personal consumption such as cooking, drinking, hygiene and laundry. Around 1,700 waterworks in Norway ensure that we get water delivered through taps both indoors and outdoors, every single day.

Most waterworks in Norway

delivers hygienic and safe water

With regard to the health aspects, it should be mentioned that most waterworks in Norway today deal with drinking water being treated and distributed in a hygienically safe manner. The main goals of drinking water treatment are to inactivate microorganisms (disinfection), remove particles and organic matter (humus), remove other unwanted inorganic substances, and adapt the water quality to the pipe network (corrosion control).

The requirements for drinking water quality

§3, point 2 defines hygienic barriers

In Norway, requirements are set for drinking water to pass through a minimum of two hygienic barriers. The Drinking Water Regulations §3, point 2 defines a hygienic barrier as «Natural or created physical or chemical obstacle, including measures to remove, neutralize or kill bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc., and / or dilute, degrade or remove chemical or physical substances to a level where the substances in question no longer represent any health risk. “

Controlled production DabV

The entire production is fully automated from incoming raw material to finished product. All production-related equipment is CE marked in accordance with the following directives / ISO standards:
• Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC
• 2014/35 / EU, LVD
• ISO 12100: 2010 Machine safety – General principles for design
• ISO 13855: 2010 Machine safety
• EN 60204-1: 2006 Machine safety
• ISO 13849-1: 2016 Machine safety
All equipment consists of high quality components to ensure a continuous stable production as well as a stable result of the end product. The production is made according to the production standard DabV

Easier cleaning
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