The water treatment is available in several sizes
a design

You do not need a plumber

Every home should have a DabV to protect against E. coli and
other harmful bacteria.

Can be mounted outside or inside, directly on the cold water pipe.

DabV works without power, battery or filter.

You can install DabV yourself, and you do not need a plumber.

This is smart technology of Norwegian origin

DabV-L covers most normal needs. Easy to carry so you are covered right away
good water wherever you are, weighs only 105gr.

DabV treatment of your water is one of the easiest and safest methods to avoid unwanted bacteria and parasites in the water. Careful laboratory tests show that you get rid of the harmful bacterium E. coli – Escherichia coli when you attach a DabV to your water pipes.

100% energy and environmentally friendly


The technology is frost-proof so you are protected for a cold winter night.

The DabV can withstand heat up to 95ºC.

It is maintenance free.

100% energy and environmentally friendly.

You do not need a battery or power.

The device is mobile and easy to move.

You do not have to clean or buy expensive filters, which is often included with other systems.


“Intelligent” water treatment


“Frequency resonator”

The water treatment plant DabV is a so-called “frequency resonance treatment plant” that cleans, “revitalizes” and improves water quality by means of energy transfer. It attaches directly to the cold water pipe in the water which is modulated and amplified before being sent back into the water flow. During the “revitalization” of the water, microbes are reduced and eliminated. You get a good, safe and health-friendly living water in a natural way – based on pure science.


as fresh mountain water

We all know the fresh feeling we get when we drink clean mountain water that has trickled and cascaded down the mountainside. It has been raised in the air, shaken, beaten and beaten against the rocks. One can imagine that it has actually been affected by, among other things, the kinetic energy itself (ie the physical movement), and the fresh air. Many people who use DabV say that the water reminds them of fresh mountain water. Here are some words people use to describe the DabV water: “Living”, “vital” “soft” and “tasty”! Read more about people’s experiences with the DabV water here!


Production standard DabV

The construction of the parts is made in such a way that the different parts are incompatible if they are not made correctly. Consequently, a failing sequence in the production process will cause the part to no longer fit the product and the equipment will trigger an alarm for a “defective part”. Random sampling from each batch per production process is measured and tested according to the requirements each process requires from each component of the product. Protocols of results and tests are stored with us. The production processes that are regulated by process values are calibrated and checked weekly to verify that equipment and settings meet the requirements of the product. All measuring tools are calibrated by a certified external company. All components are marked with the production date and tracking number for tracking. One in a hundred manufactured components is sent for efficiency verification. All production residues are sorted and recycled according to current regulations.

Frequently asked questions


Can Dabv be attached to plastic pipes?

Yes, it can be attached to all types of pipes such as plastic, copper, iron, reinforced hoses should be steered away.

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Questions are coming

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