The fact that mountain water is piped means that we miss the waterfall’s natural ability to purify water. Waterfalls create a reaction in the water that causes the water molecules to dissolve, and bacteria such as single-celled organisms die. Without waterfalls, the water molecules clump together, which provides a breeding ground for many single-celled organisms.
In waterworks, UV radiation is used to purify drinking water. It is known, however, that UV radiation does not reach all bacteria at high levels of humus / high color numbers.

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The water’s further travel route gives further concerns when old water pipes crack, leak and cause deposits. Measures that the authorities implement in acute crises are to ask the inhabitants to boil the drinking water. This can be particularly challenging for business and the health sector.
In a report from 2017, Norwegian Water estimates that our drinking water areas have an investment need of NOK 160 billion in the period 2016-2040.
(Source: report from Norwegian waters from 2017 for the period 2016-2040.
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This shows that it is important how in the future we further develop our natural resources, which at the same time safeguard the environment, our health and for efficient utilization of capital.
(Source: Management of our drinking water )


Through our newly developed technology, DabV units that are easily mounted on water pipes / water taps, you can yourself, easily and efficiently take part in implementing measures to purify your drinking water.

Purification of water with high humus values (color numbers) does not prevent the use of our newly developed technology DabV. Even with a color number of 56, the bacterial level is reduced by 100%.
(Source: study Research )

You can also feel the difference in taste. Enjoy The Very Best Water.

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DabV treatment of your water is one of the easiest and safest methods to avoid unwanted bacteria and parasites in the water. Careful laboratory tests show that you get rid of the harmful bacterium E. coli – Escherichia coli when you attach a DabV to your water pipes. You can read more details about the scientific research in this field here.

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