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This one had started to turn yellow and the leaves had started to fall off. woow

«Leaves on the flowers become greener »


I bought the DabV unit in June 2020. We mounted it on the water main inlet in our house. This means that we make use of the unit in all cranes outside and inside. The first thing we noticed was that the water tasted better. In retrospect, we clearly see that positive things have happened to the plants.

They have become much greener in the leaves than they were, and they have not received flower fertilizer after the cleaner was installed. The plants at work show exactly the same as the plants at home. They have also received from this water.

We also do not need to wash the walls in the shower as often as before. With the experience we have gained so far, we have no doubt that good water is positive for all life.

Mona Kate Skjønhaug, Sotra 7.9.2021

dabv mention

This one had started to turn yellow and the leaves had started to fall off. woow

“I was skeptical of DabV, but I was wrong! »

“I was initially skeptical of the Dabv unit, but I was wrong. With the Dabv unit, I have noticed a big difference in the water. The taste of the water is of the best quality. I highly recommend this product. ”

Thomas Dahle, Bergen 7.9.2021

«Crystal clear water and better taste »

«I have gone to procure a water generator here in Svolvær. After I attached the water generator to the inlet to the house, I noticed that our dog, a Bichon Frize, started drinking much more often than before. The dog is even up at night now to drink water. It has never done that before. We see that the water has become crystal clear and better in taste. “

Alf Ronny Bertheussen, Svolvær 15.8.2021

«DabV surprises »

“At our resort we have a well. I took my big water generator DabV-600 there. Then I put a transparent 5-liter water jug on top of the water generator and filled it with water from the well to purify stagnant water. Suddenly, after a short while, the water became crystal clear in the jug. Here I saw that something happened to the water and it surprised me a little. Before, I was skeptical of drinking water from the well. Now I am safe, and the water tastes good. “

Pleasant Nordlending, Lofoten 15.8.2021

“The chlorine taste disappeared »

“We wanted to test a DabV-600. When I picked it up at the post office, I met some colleagues at the cafe. We unpacked the DabV-600 and bottled two glasses of water. When we had received a boil warning due to water leakage, there was color on the water. We put the water generator under one glass. We saw that the water glass with DabV-600 below became crystal clear. And the chlorine taste disappeared. We were skeptical in advance all man, but we all got chin drop and were seriously positively surprised. As this was stagnant water, the process takes a little longer, which meant that we could see that the water became crystal clear from the bottom up in the glass. “

Alf Ronny Bertheussen, Solvær 15.8.2021

“We do not have to boil the water »


“During the presentation, I thought this was too good to be true, but it was true. Mariann immediately said that we must have this, she felt that there was a lot of inflow and poor quality of the water. This was true, just a few days later we received a cooking warning from the municipality. We were in the fortunate situation of being happy owners of a DabV unit so we did not have to boil the water.

Both we, dogs and horses drink more than before. The water is free of harmful bacteria, good, clear and tasty. “

Sky Horses, Karianne, Mariann and Ivar Christoffersen, Vinterbro 11.8.2021

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«Removes the aftertaste you get from tap water »


“With The Very Best Water (DabV unit), the first thing you notice is that it removes the aftertaste you get from tap water. The next thing you notice is that you intuitively feel like drinking more water and the water is much easier to drink.

The first thing I noticed about our dog is that he drinks a lot more water and is better hydrated than before.

We had a water purifier with a filter before, but think The very best Water gives a much better water and you avoid annual operating costs by changing the filter. “

Ole Kristian Valstad, Trondheim 8. augst.2021

«Crystal clear water »


“Our son has an outdoor spa where he is bothered with a lot of lime in the water (cloudy water) and in the pipes. We wondered if the DabV units could do something about this. I put a DabV unit in the filtration chamber, the lime disappeared from the water immediately so the water became crystal clear. In less than a week, the limescale coating in the pipes was also gone. “

Øyvind Snopestad, Mysen 11.8.2021


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