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Enjoy “charged” & mountain fresh water in your motorhome

Easy process of filling the water tank

With DabV, it is easy to fill up the water tank with the “charged”, “revitalized” and mountain-fresh water that you get when DabV treats your water. Read more in detail about DabV technology here !


Hold the small blue DabV box like this:

You simply hold the small, blue handy DabV box up against the hose while the tank fills up… Or you can put the box under the hose when you fill the tank. And Sim-Sala-Bim, you have fresh and clean drinking water in the tank in your motorhome! You can also take the process further! You can mount DabVén inside the motorhome and get fresh and double-refreshed water. Find out more about the quality of the water we drink in Norway!

Here Rune Nilsen demonstrates the use

Here, Rune Nilsen, general manager of Det aller beste Vann A / S, shows how he has attached his DabV to the water pipes inside the motorhome!

Use the same DabVén at home and in your motorhome

It is easy to attach DabVén either with strips, duck tape or a good old-fashioned ski strap.

How to assemble DabV i
your motorhome?


You attach the small, blue DabV box directly to the water pipe inside the motorhome.

You can use strips, duck tape or a good old-fashioned ski strap to attach the DabVén to the water pipe.

It does not matter which way the box is attached. In this way, the water is doubly refreshed while you enjoy the trip along the road.

You can use the same DabVén that you use in your home.

You simply put it back on the water pipes at home when you get home from your vacation.


10 year warranty

DabV has been scientifically investigated and research on the positive effects continues.
This is the technology of the future for purifying water.
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